Accelo is a CRM system that allows professional service firms to run growing businesses with less stress and more profit.

Accelo is ideal for the needs of professional services organisations that can, through the simplicity of using one tool for key functions, can focus on client relationships, which directly impacts the bottom line.

Here are some examples of how Accelo benefits professional service firms:

  1. Say goodbye to data entry – Accelo automatically imports all emails and appointments that in the past, over many staff members, may have take several hours of labour. These are also crucial aspects not only mean that you and your team are more organised; it also converts lead to projects in no time. By simplifying your working day, Accelo leaves you and your team with more scope and energy to focus on the important aspects of your business bottom line.
  1. Keep yourself up to date – Accelo maintains your important data, and keeps itself up to date. Every time someone in your company interacts with a client, Accelo will update itself so you know exactly what s going on.
  1. Stay on track – The technology driving Accelo also assists with processes, alerting you if anything is going off or is getting off track. This allows you to make the amendments before it s too late. The intelligence element of Accelo ensures that you never get lost in the system allowing you to focus again on your clients.
  1. Remain professional – Accelo allows you to remain professional. Within a heartbeat it automatically tracks and shares client emails, attachments, appointments and notes with you and your team without changing your current email process. What s more – due to Accelo s mobile app it s possible to manage your business anytime and wherever you want.

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