Accelo is a CRM software that allows professional service firms to run growing businesses with less stress and more profit.

Accelo targets the needs of professional services organisations by skipping the complexity of other CRM products and helping you to focus more on client relationships, which drives bottom line profit.

Here are some examples of how Accelo benefits professional service firms:

  1. Instead of tedious data entry, Accelo automatically imports all of your ongoing emails and appointments you don t have to focus on the data entry, leaving you with more time to do what you do best. By simplifying your working day, Accelo leaves you with more scope and energy to focus on more important projects and your clients.
  1. Accelo keeps itself up to date, maintaining your important data. The benefit of this is that you don t have to constantly update your crucial details. Every time someone in your company interacts with a client, Accelo will update itself so you know exactly what s going on.
  1. The technology driving Accelo also assists with your business processes, alerting you if anything is going off or gets off track, so that the necessary amendments can be made before it s too late. The intelligence element of Accelo ensures that you never get lost allowing you to focus on your clients.
  1. Accelo allows you to remain professional. Within a heartbeat it automatically tracks and shares client emails, attachments, appointments and notes with you and your team without changing your current email process. What s more – due to Accelo s mobile app it s possible to manage your business anytime and wherever you want.

Do you want to learn more about the possibilities of what Accelo can do for your business?  Give us a call today.