simPRO Service   Simple Service Management

simPRO Service Simple Service Management

Would you like to increase your business productivity and profitability? Is it your businesses goal to deliver prompt, reliable service to customers every time? If so, simPRO Service is for you.

simPRO is highly practical service management software specifically designed for do and charge teams from five to five hundred providing quick and accurate quoting, invoicing and reporting.


simPRO s Latest Updates   Now Live

simPRO s Latest Updates Now Live

simPRO s latest update has arrived and the changes are designed to make a big difference the way you interact with the software and do business in general.

simPRO  is a service that is built for optimising business processes and with these updates, you are going to be able to make even better changes to your business!


WorkflowMax: Time Management Made Easy

WorkflowMax: Time Management Made Easy

Time tracking software, such as WorkflowMax, can save service-based businesses a lot of time and money each year. 628 hours and $22,000 in fact – according to a recent survey by WorkflowMax.

WorkflowMax is an easy-to-use platform that allows your employees to log their work time as they go. Its flexibility means that anyone can view and update their entries retrospectively. Plus, as with all cloud software, it can be accessed from anywhere. This is fantastic if you often have team members working from home or while on the move.

Time tracking isn t all this platform offers though it also helps with job management, quoting, invoicing and reporting. You can easily assign jobs, set up notifications for milestones and keep track of how projects are going. Its in-built templates enable you to add your own branding to quotes before sending them and its bulk invoicing feature will save you hours every month!

Another awesome feature of WorkflowMax is its easy integration with 31 other solutions (yes you read that correctly!), including Xero, Salesforce and MYOB. This is another huge time saving benefit for business owners, and translates to simpler processes and systems all round.

If you own a service-based business such as an agency or a consultancy firm and you want to save time and money with WorkflowMax, get in touch with us. We can help set you up with users, tasks, jobs and other settings, and can even provide training to your staff.