If you re always chasing customers about unpaid bills, then Chaser has a very neat solution for you. Chaser is simple to set up and easy to use invoice reminding system which, through polite persistence, helps you get paid on time, more often.

When it comes to sending polite emails to customers about their unpaid invoices, persistence is key. With Chaser, you no longer have to send these emails the software does it all for you, automatically. However, do not be fooled you are in complete control of what is sent, to who and when. This not only allowing you to have complete confidence in your cash flow, but it also allows you to spend much less time chasing customers.

With the Chaser software settings, you can choose when you chase on which days and at what time. You can also set up Chaser in line with when you do your bank reconciliation in Xero, so that only the genuinely unpaid invoices are being chased.

What s more, you can chase multiple invoices in one email. If you had multiple unpaid invoices for a customer, you wouldn t chase each separately, so neither does Chaser. This personalises the emails so that they look like they have come from you, and not a software. This therefore increases the relevance, urgency and importance of the chase, which makes it more likely that your invoices will be paid.

With Chaser you do not have to constantly trawl through your inbox to find particular invoices all of the information you would need is brought right to you. If a customer is asking for copies of their invoice and this is delaying you from getting paid, with Chaser, your invoices are automatically attached to your chase emails. Not only this, Chaser also keeps track of all email correspondence between you and the customer you are seeking the invoice payment from. When the invoice is finally paid, your customers will receive a personal thank you email, so you know that the service is persistent yet courteous.

Do you want to learn more about what Chaser can do for your business and how it can help you improve your cash flow? Then give us a call today.