When you have trouble getting your invoices paid on time, your cash flow suffers. At Cloud Ease we are really proud to be partners with Chaser, a cloud based invoice chasing application that automatically sends polite persistent chasing emails to your debtors for you.

By using Chaser you can boost your cash flow and thus spend more time selling and less time thinking about late payments.

Chaser enables you to send emails that look like they were from you at times when you would have normally sent them, increasing the possibility of your debtors taking notice and paying their bills on time. This also will save you time and some sanity as you can spend less time in chasing invoices, and more time on other important and fun parts of your business.

An update that Chaser recently announced was its schedules feature which gives you even more flexibility in how you chase your late paying clients. By using more than one schedule in Chaser, you can create chase groups of customers and invoices in completely different way so that the tone and content of these messages are appropriate and personalised.

Chaser also recently added a default schedule that new customers are automatically assigned to. Keep in mind; if a certain schedule gives good results, you can set it as a default, which further enhances your chances of getting paid.

If you re interested in learning more about the possibilities or want to learn more about Chaser,  give us a call today.