If you are worried about online security when it comes to receiving payments, then eWAY is for you. eWAY is an online payment gateway system that provides an easy way to facilitate payments and keep your cash flowing.

eWAY  is suitable for all business sizes and comes with a handy app that lets users turn their iPhone or iPad into a virtual point of sales device so that payments can be accepted at any location with an Internet connection.  

The features of eWAY  include:

  • No need to liaise with banks for payment gateways
  • The e- software provides high levels of security, backed by PCI DSS compliance
  • Seamless integrations with  Xero
  • Easy and user friendly reporting with the ability to quickly view recent reports and transactions
  • A convenient app allows payments from anywhere (with an internet connection)

Like to get started with eWAY? Here is how it works.

Step One
We will help you set up an e-WAY account to make sure it is right the first time, and there are no issues with receiving payments.

Step Two
A merchant account and payment gateway is then set up which means you get access to your funds super fast.

Step Three
Depending on your business, we can help you link eWAY to your website s shopping cart or other e-commerce solutions.

The fee structure is competitive and overall eWAY is a very reliable service. eWAY is proven, protected and personal. To discuss how eWAY could benefit your business,  contact us today.