If delivering exceptional customer service is part of your company s DNA Freshdesk is exactly what you need.

Freshdesk allows you to manage all your support communications in one place, including email ticketing, call centre conversations, live chats and a customer self service portal. The multi-channel support of Freshdesk helps you to stay on top of requests, no matter how customers choose to contact you.

Freshdesk means that you to increase your customer service experience and build your team s engagement and productivity at the same time.

Freshdesk  has a easy-to-use interface and multi channel support which means it s quick to use and easy to set up so you can get up and running quickly with a helpdesk tailored to your needs.

The main features of the Freshdesk software include:

  • Intuitive  ticketing with a shared inbox to easily manage support tickets as a team: know who else is working on your ticket with agent collision detection
  • Unlimited number of mailboxes: Freshdesk s shared inbox enables your team to collaborate and resolve issues without getting in each other s way.
  • Easy prioritisation and categorisation of tickets: see your ticket s status and when it s due
  • Agent collision detection: this ensures that there is no double handling
  • Built in phone channel: intended to maximise customer service
  • Live chat: with this feature, customers can easily reach you any device
  • Customisable self service portal: seamlessly blends with your website
  • Keyboard shortcuts: Freshdesk has a long list of useful keyboard shortcuts to help you navigate through your helpdesk, perform quick actions and expedite dozens of common tasks.
  • Mobile Apps: Carry your support desk wherever you go with free Freshdesk iPhone and Android Apps.
  • Bulk Actions: Need to assign multiple tickets to the same agent? With bulk actions, things like categorising; assigning or deleting a hundred tickets takes a few clicks of a button.

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