If your office is bogged down with years of receipts and paperwork, Receipt Bank is the software for you. Receipt Bank is an invoice archiving and data extraction service that turns your receipts and purchase invoices into useful data. So, how can Receipt Bank help me?

Essentially, Receipt Bank removes the need for manual data entry saving you and your business valuable time and effort, which can then be spent on more important projects and goals.

The Receipt Bank software is also convenient to use on the go. The Receipt Bank offers a wide variety of data submission methods a mobile app (for iPhone and Android) as well as offering the option of submitting data via post, email or file upload so the preferences of everyone within your company are met.

Not only this, Receipt Bank gives you a customised email address so that invoices sent to that email address go straight into the Receipt Bank, so all of the data you want to access is in one place. This saves you spending time trawling through several different email accounts to find certain invoices or receipts, freeing up valuable time in your working day.

Receipt Bank is integrated with Xero, Dropbox and Quickbooks making it a highly efficient. Moreover, because the software  was developed by accountants, bookkeepers and businesses, it is easy to use and offers maximum practicality to business owners.

What s more, all data submitted to Receipt Bank is securely stored with scanned images in line with ATO requirements, so you can rest assured that your company s data is safe.

If you re interested in the benefits Receipt Bank can offer,  contact us today.