Vend point of sale inventory and customer loyalty software allows you to manage, report and grow your retail businesses. Vend also makes it easy to sell your products to customers through the use of the Vend responsive web-based POS on Mac or PC.

From adding products, fulfilling orders and tracking sales, and even allowing you adjust customers to shop the way they want. You can add easily add features as layaways, easy refunds, email receipts and split payments. Did a customer forget an item? Vend makes it easy to temporarily park any sale and then quickly retrieve it when your customer is ready to complete their transaction so you don t lose out, and neither do they.

What s more, you can choose the best way to accept payments, including credit, debit and gift cards so payment is easy and flexible. With Vend, it s also possible to choose your own merchant service provider to work with your preferred merchant service provider.

When you use Vend you are able to gain more control over every transaction. The cash management element of the software allows you to reduce errors, theft and discrepancies by recording all changes from cash float to register closures. If you struggle to track employee transactions and you want to increase accountability, Vend is for you.

With Vend it s a breeze to keep track of your inventory in all your stores. Everything, like reports and sales, is found in one easy snapshot, visualised in real time. With Vend you can sell as efficiently as possible.

Growing your customer list is also made easy by Vend. It allows you to view purchase history and account balances and centrally manage all your customers. You can even set up a loyalty program which can be customised.

You can have total control over user accounts by giving permission, and this programme works offline so you can continue selling even when the internet is down. Vend then resyncs your sales when you re back online.

All in all, Vend is perfect for creating the ultimate customer experience – a beautiful, flexible, powerful point of sale. Want to learn more about the possibilities of what Vend can do for your business?  Give us a call today.