Vend, a retail POS system for businesses of all sizes, recently announced some exciting updates to its already great features. Read on to find out what we think of the changes and how they might affect the way you run your business.

  1. $AUD Pricing:  Customers are now able to pay for the software in $AUD rather than $USD. This makes life a bit easier for all of us – one less confusing currency conversion and much easier budgeting each month.
  2. Security Changes:  With even more security features (this particular addition is called ‘HTTP Basic Authentication’) Vend really sets the bar high for retail POS software. But what does this update mean for your business? It means heightened confidentiality protection for your customers. It also means that if you’re using Vend with some third party integrations, you might have to make some slight adjustments to the setup. Find out more here.
  3. Xero Improvements:  The Xero-Vend integration now allows you to post Cost Of Goods Sold from Vend into Xero. You can even set this up to sync automatically every time a register is closed! Find out more about how this works here.
  4. Stock Order and Return Numbers:  It is now possible to add sequential numbers to invoices and returns, making them even easier to keep track of, and ensuring you always have a clear idea of what’s going on in your stock and supply chain.
  5. CSV Imports and Product Updates:  Vend now makes sure that you are notified when an upload fails mid way – no more stressful moments searching for ‘lost’ data.
  6. Quick Keys:  It is now possible to use Quick Keys (on Mac and PC) to disable and enable images and view product names. This one is a huge time saver, especially if your retail business relies on fast-paced information searches.
  7. Customised Checkout Messages:  Vend have upped their checkout ante, now allowing retailers to leave special instructions for customers when they checkout. They’ve also made it possible to add images and phone numbers to the checkout  form – also a fantastic branding functionality for eCommerce stores of all sizes.

We’ve loved working with Vend this year, and with their consistently impressive updates such as these, we look forward to continuing to get our customers set up with Vend for many years to come!

If you think Vend would help your retail business, get in touch with the team at Cloud Ease today.