If you re looking for greater control of your construction business and want to save time and improve your cashflow Tidy Build is just what you need!

TidyBuild is a cloud based project management software designed specifically for the building and construction industry. The software allows you to get in the driving seat of your company by staying in control of what is going on. TidyBuild does this by focusing maintaining on staff and projects in order to increase profits and streamline processes.

Making your work more accessible and efficient is not only beneficial to you and your staff but it also allows you to keep your customers happy. Primarily allowing you to quote more accurately and invoice faster you not only gain a higher view of professionalism but you will see a faster return for your hard work.

How does TidyBuild work?

TidyBuild works in the following ways:

Ensuring that you are in control: TidyBuild makes sure that you are constantly keeping your finger on the pulse with real time reporting and easy access to the information you need, wherever you are whether that be on site or in the office.

Increase profits: with TidyBuild, you have the ability to be more competitive as you run your business efficiently and make the most of your resources.

Save time: TidyBuild saves time by reducing admin tasks and cutting out double data entry. You can get a quick overview of each product, or drill down for detail information.

Improving cashflow: TidyBuild provides accurate and up to date project information which allows you to invoice sooner. Not only that, but TidyBuild is integrated with Xero which enables effortless syncing of your accounts payable and receivable.

Price and quote accurately: with TidyBuild, you have easy access to past job information giving you an accurate view of costs and reducing your risk when quoting.

Project Planning and Tracking: with TidyBuild, you can plan your project from proposal to invoice including time, materials and expenses. Not only this, but the project console allows you to view all the components of your project in one place.

Resource Scheduling: allocate staff resources and select the charge-our rates that apply to the project. You can see who s free, so you only allocate tasks to staff with the time to get the job done.

Project Milestones: the TidyBuild software defines key timeframes for your project and you receive alerts if you fall behind schedule keeping you on track. What s more, you can Review and Approve Work check it off before it s billed, or auto-approve any completed work to further streamline your business.

Detailed Reports: TidyBuild checks planned against actual revenue and avoid cost over-runs on your project with detailed reporting and heat maps showing project health.

Simple Task Lists: you can assign tasks to your team or let them select their own tasks from the pool of jobs. Resource scheduling also helps you to decide when a particular piece of work is to be completed.

Personalised Dashboard: Whether you re a HR Administrator, a Team Member or a Project Manager, with TidyBuild you ll have a personalised dashboard with just the information and tools you need in your role.

Custom Templates: TidyBuild allows you to have full control over your styling, branding, content and layout of your project proposals.


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