When all your time is taken up with the day-to-day running of your tradie business, keeping up with the latest technology might not be your number one priority. You have probably heard about cloud technology but you might not be aware of the different ways that getting your business in the cloud can benefit you.

  1. Save time on admin

Whatever type of business you re running, admin is a necessary evil and unfortunately paperwork can eat away at your evenings and weekends. Using a cloud based admin and accounting system can save you a huge amount of time and make everything run more smoothly. You also don t have to risk losing your diary, or hunt around for missing paperwork as it will all be stored safely in one place.

  1. Simplify your ordering

There are a number of great, cloud-based systems that let you check availability of stock and parts, and place orders from your smartphone or tablet. This means faster delivery and more efficient service that is bound to impress your customers and let you get parts ordered and jobs completed faster than ever before.

  1. Process payments on the spot

Timely payment of invoices is essential for your cash flow and profits but when you re invoicing after completion of a job it s easy to miss invoices. This can not only look unprofessional, it can affect your income. In cases where you do remember to send an invoice, chasing up late payments can take time and energy that you might not have.

There are plenty of cloud based systems that let you use mobile eftpos technology to process payments on the spot, once the work has been completed. This can improve your cash flow, cut out the need to chase up late invoices and mean that nothing gets missed.

  1. Keep track of colleagues and employees who are out and about

Communicating with your co-workers and employees when they are out on a job is essential to ensure that everything gets done and nothing gets missed. A cloud based system lets you collaborate online, keep track of where everyone is and what they are doing, and answer quick questions while you re on the move. This can help you keep everything running smoothly and reduce stress for colleagues, employees and customers.

Getting your business in the cloud can help you save time, improve your level of service and work more effectively with the rest of your team. It can also give you a strong competitive edge over other businesses that might not be using technology. Cloud systems might sound complicated but they are actually very straightforward to set up and use and the benefits are huge which makes them well worth considering for any tradie business.