A huge part of any business is simply keeping track of stuff. It might be the stuff on your shelves that you are going to sell to your customers, it might be the individual components that you need to order so that you can build a new supercomputer. It doesn t matter how big or small your business is, if you don t know where your stuff is and how much of it you have, you are falling behind.

Different Businesses, Different Needs
A very small business owner might be able to keep track of his inventory in his head, but it does not take much growth for things to become complicated.

A small retailer has to keep track of the stock being sold so that he can predict which items need to be ordered. A restaurant manager not only needs to keep track of his supplies, but he also has to keep track of which foods could spoil before it gets cooked for his customers. A manufacturer needs to control his inventory to practice a “just in time” supply strategy that gives him the best return on investment.
The traditional methods of inventory management often mean that you need to spend as much or more time keeping track of your inventory than you do actually selling your product.

A Solution to Fit Your Business
A friend of ours, Mary has what seems like a simple business model, she is importing baby clothes and accessories and selling them to mothers and other retailers here in Australia. Up to this point, she had been keeping track of the whole process using Excel files on her computer, and she thought she was doing it rather efficiently, but it was so time consuming to maintain.

However, after working with a Cloud consultant, she has streamlined the process using a cloud based inventory management solution saving her a day a week in reduced adminstration. This is time she can spend building her business.

In addition to the other advantages of setting up a Cloud based inventory management system, working with a Cloud Consultant means that your solution will be tailored to your businesses situation.

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