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Whether you provide professional services, work in the trades, have a large or small retail outlet, or simply perform odd jobs like walking people s dogs, your business is about doing things for your customers. Each of these things that you do is a project, therefore, project management is a core function of any small business.

Scientific project management is usually associated with large public works or defense projects. These endeavours can be so complex that they would never have been done unless there had been someone in the background, whether the Master Builder or the Lead Architect to ensure that the right stuff got to the right place at the right time to ensure that the work wouldn t stop. It is easy to see the “want of a nail” consequences on a project like building a shopping mall or designing a huge software package, but the principles of project management can make just about anything that your business does more efficient and profitable.

We look at a few factors when determining whether a business needs help with project management. Does the business need to make plans and estimates to provide quotes for your customers? Do you perform jobs that require materials and supplies, either from your own stocks or purchased for each job, the costs of which you pass on to your customer? Will there be more than one of your employees or subcontractors working on the job?

Making an estimate for a job is often seen as an exercise in guess work. You can make accurate predictions about many aspects of the job, but the unforeseen always has a way of spoiling the best estimates. The more information you can gather and make use of during the estimation phase, the better off you will be. The TidyWork Project Management package helps to plan and track the labour and materials needed for the job accurately.

One of the most difficult areas to track on any job is the time that you and your staff put into it. This is even more complicated when your organization is working on many jobs at the same time. TidyWork allows your people to shift seamlessly from one project to the next while tracking time for each so that each client can be charged for the work you do for them.

In the past, precious time was lost just keeping project sheets up to date. With the automation of TidyWork, you can get a snapshot of the project at any time, on any device. Not only will you know what is going on in your organization, you will be able to give timely and accurate updates to your customers.

You can begin using the power of a strong project management system today. Call us today and we can help you to implement TidyWork for your business.