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simPRO s latest update has arrived and the changes are designed to make a big difference the way you interact with the software and do business in general.

simPRO  is a service that is built for optimising business processes and with these updates, you are going to be able to make even better changes to your business!

Here is an overview of the updates:

  • Invoicing: the changes include status codes to see the different stages in your workflow and set automatic triggers for invoices and purchase orders.
  • Purchasing & Stock: users now have the ability to see both the Quantity in Stock and Stock Value Balance running totals in an item s history. This allows you to remain much more conscious of your current stock totals.
  • Quoting: now there also now an ability to assign tax codes to sites which are used as the default when creating quotes for jobs.

Here is an additional improvement for simPRO Enterprise level users (only):

  • Drafting approval stages for invoices: users can now configure their security groups in the system setup so that only certain security groups have the ability to approve invoices to be sent to a customer. This will help in create a tighter workflow process.

If you re interested in learning more about these new features or want to learn more about simPRO Service,  give us a call today.