TidyStock is a simple and easy to use online perpetual inventory control system which manages stock movement accurately – from purchase, storage and final sale. TidyStock is simple, easy to use and reasonably priced.

What can TidyStock do for me?

TidyStock is a cloud system that records your stock movements. Not only this, TidyStock reduces the complexity of your stock management as well as reducing the amount of time you spend in this area. Not only that, TidyStock is adapted to work with multiple currencies as well.

What are the features of the TidyStock software?

The software is designed so that you can focus on managing your business and spend less time worrying about Inventory.

Features include –

  • Managed stock best practice accounting, perpetual stock method and average cost. TidyStock increases the flexibility of managing stock items formally and quickly.
  • Unmanaged stock TidyStock tracks stock quickly and informally. Stock can also be managed, tracked and transferred in multiple locations.
  • Bulk data CSV with TidyStock you can be rest assured that your data can be easily imported and exported.
  • Create and manage purchase orders the TidyStock software also includes split receipts.
  • Dashboard warnings TidyStock advises you of reorder warnings, average margins, stock turns, days of sales in inventory and any other personalised warnings you would require to add ease to your business day.
  • Organisation features: from receipt purchase orders line-by-line and apportion freight, to produce packing slips and sales quotes. Price tiers, quantity and customer specific pricing.

TidyStock integrates with Xero Accounting Software to seamlessly share stock related transactions and information in real time.

If you think that TidyStock would be an asset to your business, contact a Cloud Ease representative today.