If you re looking for a comprehensive project planning solution software, look no further, TidyWork is the answer.

TidyWork is ideal for project planning, managing time, materials, expenses and resource allocation.

TidyWork makes project planning easy. From allocating resources to a project, to generating invoices once project milestones are met, TidyWork is the help you need in order to deliver successful projects from start to finish. By using the TidyWork software you can create a new project or import one from Microsoft Project, and to add to this you can use your iPhone, iPad, smartphone or tablet to manage your project from anywhere.

With the TidyWork software you can allocate staff resources and select the charge-out rates that apply to the project at hand. You can see who s free, so you only allocate tasks to staff with the time to get the job done.

The TidyWork software allows you to define key timeframes for your project. You can receive alerts if you fall behind schedule and take advantage of milestone billing for fixed price projects.

When using the TidyWork software you can check off and approve work before it s billed, or auto-approve any completed work to further streamline your business. What s more, the project console element of the software allows you to view all of the components of your project in one place.

The TidyWork software allows you to create invoices within TidyWork itself or push invoices through to your Xero accounting system. Furthermore, you can easily enter time, materials and expenses against a project without the need for a paper trail or a computer science degree, as it is simple and easy to use.

Another handy component of TidyWork is that you don t always have to assign tasks to your team; instead they can select their own tasks from the pool of jobs. Resource scheduling also helps you to decide when a particular piece of work is to be complete. You also have the option of encouraging your team to let you know when they need more time for a particular piece of work this is perfect for taking the guesswork out of job costing.

When it comes to the dashboard element, whether you are a Project Manager, an HR Administrator or a Team Member, you ll see a personalised dashboard with just the information you need for your role.

If you could see Tidy Work making a difference to your business, contact a Cloud Ease representative  today to get started.