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Are you struggling with stock control? Are you finding it difficult to manage your supply chain efficiently? If you are having trouble managing your inventory, then Unleashed is a great solution that enables you to manage your stock and supply chain and better still, it’s all in the cloud.

Unleashed provides on hand information for all your products and stock that can easily be updated across all of your sales and inventory channels. The Unleashed dashboard also allows you to see real-time profit and loss statements. Even more precise stock control can be gained with the tracking system for multiple locations.

Manage your stock from purchase through the manufacturing and sales process, while integrating with POS, e-commerce and accounting software that you already use.

Unleashed has also just released its Mobile Sales App, which makes it even easier for you know your stock on hand. The App allows you to bring your business to your customers anytime, anywhere. All your information from customers, sales and products are accessible via a smart device. In that way sales can be made effortlessly without the need to access a computer – which is perfect for businesses on the go.

If you re interested in learning more about the possibilities or want to learn more about Unleashed,  give us a call today.