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Why Use Pencil?

Pencil lets you manage wholesale applications, trading terms, and payments in one place. This way, you can concentrate on growing your business.

Better Customer Onboarding

With our streamlined system, customers can click “apply now,” enter their ABN, and hit “GO” to begin a 90-second onboarding process. This efficient method saves you and your team time and allows you to quickly get to that first order.

Remove Double Handling

After you give your approval, the new customer’s information will show up in your accounting /inventory system. Their payment details are also encrypted, so you don’t have to enter them twice.

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Simplify Customer Management

White labelled credit forms with your branding integrated into your website. You can sign agreements for customers who pay as they go or have trade credit accounts. These agreements include credit checks and payment information.

Easier Accounts

Pencil works with accounting platforms to help businesses be more efficient. It offers payment plans, real-time reconciliation, and helps identify problem customers.

Control your trade credit


Smarter Credit Control

Check the credit of new and existing supplier accounts by monitoring their credit files.

Increased Staff Productivity

Staff save the time usually spent manually checking forms, entering data & chasing customers.


Get Paid On Time

When your customers pay their bills on time, they can boost their credit score…. The right incentive.

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