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Current Challenges

No idea how much money you are making from a job

Having no system to track the profitability of jobs/assignments. You are very busy, but your financials do not reflect this.

Lack of visibility on who is working on what job / assignment and how they are tracking

Using Excel or your calendar does allow for some degree of scheduling but tracking of time spent on different tasks is time consuming. Trying to get a sense of team progress involves checking multiple systems which is time consuming and inefficient.

No central source of information in your business

Having a range of stand-alone systems makes it difficult to manage client relationships effectively.

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Professional Services


Do you have the right business tools for your business?

Whether you are just starting a business or have been in business for many years, having the right set of business tools is important to allow you to scale and grow your business. Often the first business tool which you will look at is an accounting system which will...

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