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Pinch Payments is a cutting-edge payment facilitation platform offering a comprehensive solution for businesses seeking to optimize their invoicing and payment processes. Pinch is a Payfac-as-a-Service. It integrates with leading accounting software. This includes Xero, QuickBooks Online, and MYOB. This provides a streamlined approach to managing invoice payments. The platform enables businesses to automate payment collections. It also allows them to set up custom payment plans. It reconciles every payment, ensuring that financial records are always up-to-date.

Late Payment Makes Small Business Harder

According to a 2023 white-paper published on behalf of Xero.

  • Over 50% of invoices are paid late in Australia
  • Our invoices are paid an average of 23 days overdue
  • Grow 3 times slower than those paid on time
  • This causes them to pay their own suppliers slower – service disruption risk
  • You cannot invest in growth if you can’t afford to stay alive.

Source: Paying the Price – The economic impact of big business paying Australian small businesses late

Around $115 billion of SMB invoices per annum are paid late in Australia and it affects all industries.

How Pinch Payments Can Help

Flexible Payment Collection

One key feature of Pinch Payments is its flexibility in payment collection. It offers businesses the ability to configure surcharging rules. They can also set payment plan options to fit their specific needs. They can also set auto-payment thresholds. Businesses can further reduce administrative burden. They can do this by allowing clients to manage their payment options in the customer portal. This level of customisation extends to the customer portal.

Wide Range of Payment Methods

Pinch Payments supports a wide range of payment methods. These include credit and debit cards and direct debits. It offers features like batch payments. It also offers pre-approved automatic payments to ensure timely collection. The platform’s focus on security is evident in its PCI compliance. It ensures that we handle customer data with the utmost care.

Business-friendly Pricing & Support

The company designed the platform’s pricing model to be business-friendly. It has no setup, minimum, or monthly fees. Businesses can also on-charge transaction fees to customers. Pinch’s Australian support team provides an additional layer of confidence. They offer local assistance whenever needed.

Reduce Admin & Improve Cash Flow

Businesses can use Pinch Payments to reduce the time spent managing bank accounts and chasing overdue payments. Pinch Payments provides a robust solution. With automated reconciliation, secure data storage, and flexible payment options make it an invaluable tool. It improves cash flow and debtor management. Over 1000 Australian businesses benefit from Pinch’s capabilities. It shows that Pinch streamlines payment processes and enhances financial management.

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