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Capsule is a smart, simple online CRM that helps businesses to stay organized, know more about their customers, build strong relationships and make the most of sales opportunities.

Capsule CRM: Key Features

Contact Management

Everything you know about the people, companies and organizations that you do business with.

With full text search, quickly find any text within all your notes and emails.

Automatically add social network profiles associated with a contact to auto enrich the contacts profiles.

Attach agreements, quotes, proposals and any other files you need.

Bring your contacts to Capsule by importing them from a spreadsheet, CSV and more.

Task Management

Create tasks for appointments, meetings, phone calls, submission deadlines and more.

Set a task to repeating daily, weekly or monthly. Receive task reminder emails at the start of each day.

Use Tracks to set up a series of tasks that each become active one after the other.

See all of your tasks in a weekly or monthly calendar view.

Subscribe to your tasks and view them on your personal calendar.

Sales Pipeline

See a summary of all sales opportunities including potential values and where they are in the pipleine.

Track conversion rate, sales pipeline milestones and forecast in one view.

See all your opportunities in one pipeline, drag and drop to each stage as they progress.

Create multiple pipelines to reflect different sales processes for products and services you offer and different markets that you sell to.

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Sales Analytics

Monitor every aspect of your sales cycle and understand your business to help you make informed decisions.

Shows activities completed by each user and the specific activity types.

10+ reports on won/lost opportunities, pipeline growth, average time to won plus more.

Export all of your report data or save an image of your chart for import into other tools such as Excel.

Filter reports based on time periods, users or teams for a clearer picture.

Mobile App

Get the most out of your day with Capsule’s Mobile CRM App.

Your work doesn’t always tie you to your desk. And with Capsule’s mobile app, it doesn’t have to.

Our mobile CRM empowers you to get work done while on the move.

Available on both IOS and Android devices.


Connect your favorite tools with Capsule.

Power-up Capsule by using Microsoft 365, Google Workspace, Xero, FreshBooks, Mailchimp, Wufoo and more.

Use Zapier to integrate with thousands of other business tools.

Use Capsule’s API to integrate with your custom or third party application.

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