Current Challenges

Inefficient inventory management processes

Manual processes to maintain your business’ inventory is inefficient and time-consuming, which can delay your ability to service clients and increase business overheads.

Lack of visibility of real-time stock levels

Getting the optimal level of stock within your business is critical. Too much stock adds overhead in the form of extra storage expenses. Too little stock can lead to lost sales or delays servicing customers, which provides them with a less than customer experience.

Making purchasing decisions based on outdated and inaccurate inventory reports

It is akin to peering inscrutably into a crystal ball and plucking order quantities from the ether. The result is anybody’s guess, but it’s almost a given that a poorly managed stock room will drain your profitability.

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Inventory Management


Point of Sale (POS)



Best Practices for Effective Inventory Management

Inventory management is not the most exciting retail topic, but it is crucial for all businesses. It can make or break your bottom line. By having too little inventory on hand, you risk losing customers as products quickly sell out. However, having too much inventory...

How to effectively run a multi-channel business?

During these challenging times with COVID-19, running a multi-channel business is even more important as some of the traditional business channels may be impacted by shutdowns and changed trading conditions. You are running a multi-channel business if you have...

DEAR Inventory & Point of Sale – July Update

DEAR Systems have had a busy July announcing a range of updates and improvements to their point of sale and inventory management solutions. On the 1st of July, the following updates were implemented. A new document template was introduced which includes a product...

Do you have the right business tools for your business?

Whether you are just starting a business or have been in business for many years, having the right set of business tools is important to allow you to scale and grow your business. Often the first business tool which you will look at is an accounting system which will...

How to streamline your purchasing processes?

Historically a business' purchasing process is very manual and highly administrative. To place an order with a supplier, a purchase order would be prepared which meant a document was prepared either using Word or Google Docs or through your accounting system (Xero,...

Unleashed Inventory: Enhancements to the Xero Integration

Earlier this month, Unleashed announced some important enhancements to their Xero integration. We have included details of each enhancement and how it may affect you. Batch your journals for quick reconciling in Xero Unleashed will now batch all transactions made...

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