Powerful Growth Features

Use Cin7 Core inventory management software to boost your business to the next level. Streamline your business operations and automate time-consuming tasks in retail, wholesale, or manufacturing.




When your inventory and sales channels work well, you can focus on growing your business globally. Cin7 Core works with popular online stores and shipping systems. It helps you manage your inventory from one place, no matter where you sell.


When you track your manufacturing costs well, you can set the best prices and make the most of your budget. Cin7 Core gives you advanced manufacturing features. You can easily track material and labor costs during production.


The ability to make smart purchasing decisions fast can keep your business in front. Cin7 Core makes purchasing easier by providing insights on suppliers and costs.


Your business will be ready to seize every opportunity with efficient and flexible sales features. Cin7 Core simplifies tracking, managing, and optimizing every stage of your sales process. It offers order tracking, split orders, and drop shipment options.


An effective inventory management system can prevent major business headaches. Cin7 Core gives you confidence by providing complete visibility and control over inventory. You can always track your stock and effectively manage orders and product movements.


Spend less time on manual accounting to have more time for growing your business. Cin7 Core integrates with popular accounting software Xero and Intuit. This provides real-time insights on expenditure and profitability.

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