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Inventory Planner is a market-leading sales forecasting solution for e-commerce.

Inventory Planner works with fast-growing, agile businesses. They are starting to shift from spreadsheets to automation. We also work with larger sellers. They have unique demand forecasting needs. They want to improve their operations with more advanced automation.

Inventory Planner: Problems we solve

  • Too many unneeded products tying up cash
  • Low visibility on product performance that impacts future decisions
  • Complexity in spreadsheet-based inventory forecasting
  • Complexities with seasonality and customer demand
  • Missing out on revenue due to products being out of stock
  • Immobilized revenue in overstocked products
  • Eliminate time spent tracking manual spreadsheets

Key Features


With Inventory Planner you can forecast for many inventory locations or warehouses. It is important to forecast based on demand and seasonality. This way, you are always able to hold the right amount of inventory at the right time.


Inventory Planner gives restocking suggestions at the product level. Data-driven demand forecasts form the basis for them. They help you avoid tying up cash in unneeded products.


Run detailed reports by product, brand, supplier, and warehouse. They let you see all around your business’s performance.

Many KPIs are available. You can use them to report on the most profitable products. Then, you can make data-driven decisions.

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