DEAR Systems have had a busy July announcing a range of updates and improvements to their point of sale and inventory management solutions.

On the 1st of July, the following updates were implemented. A new document template was introduced which includes a product matrix table in your purchase order/sales quote/sales order/sales invoice. The integration with Amazon was enhanced to allow for the import of Amazon fees and charges. Also, the DEAR warehouse management system (WMS) now handles the stock transfer feature.

On the 29th of July, the following updates were implemented. DEAR inventory now has a sales order routing feature which will optimize the DEAR warehouse locations based on the sales order shipping address. 

There has also been an enhancement to the integration with Shopify with a new special Tax-Free rule added to the tax mapping in Shopify. If a DEAR tax rule is mapped to this Shopify rule, it will override any other taxes in cases where tax amounts are zero on the line.

The integration with Quickbooks Online was also enhanced with the following updates. An optional auto-sync feature has been introduced for Quickbooks Online. You can also now choose to import purchase & sales invoices from Quickbooks Online.

There has been an update with the DEAR B2B portal which now allows customers who place orders through the B2B portal will now be able to see the estimated delivery date inside their order information. The required by date in DEAR will be used as the estimated delivery date on the portal.

DEAR also announced a range of updates to their point of sale (POS) solution. The first one is if Loyalty is disabled within DEAR POS setup page, no information regarding loyalty will be visible within DEAR POS application.

The second one is you can now issue Refunds for sales made outside of DEAR POS. The No Receipt Refund button has been introduced in the sales history screen for this purpose.

The third one is now when an Exchange is processed in DEAR POS a new fulfillment will be created in the Advanced Sales Module for the newly exchanged product. Pick/Pack/Ship for the new item will be completed automatically by DEAR. 

The fourth one is that if a Deal created in DEAR is not applied to a specific item (e.g. a product or some other product attribute like tag/brand/category), this Deal will now apply to all products listed in POS.

The fifth one is optimization for customer lookup/selection has been introduced within DEAR POS which has improved the speed of the customer search function.

The final update has been the inventory list in DEAR POS will now show Available quantity instead of Stock on Hand quantity.

Looking to improve your inventory management and point of sale solutions, check out our DEAR Systems page for more information.