Current Challenges

Lack of real-time information on how each store is performing

As a fast growing retail business you want up to date, live information on a range of metrics from total sales by store to popular products and buying profiles on each customer.

Lack of visibility of real-time stock levels

Getting the optimal level of stock within your business is critical. Too much stock adds overhead in the form of extra storage expenses. Too little stock can lead to lost sales or delays servicing customers which provides them with a less than customer experience.

Existing registers are slow

The existing registers are old and slow which makes servicing customers slower than what is desirable. This leads to a poorer customer experience.

Point of Sale

Inventory Management

Productivity Tools


Vend: Everything You Need To Run A Successful Retail Business

Vend point of sale, inventory and customer loyalty software allows you to manage, report and grow your retail businesses. Vend also makes it easy to sell your products to customers through the use of the Vend responsive web-based POS on Mac or PC. From adding...

Unleashed: Powerful Inventory Management For Total Stock Control

Are you struggling with inventory control? Are you finding it difficult to manage your supply chain efficiently? Unleashed is a great solution that enables you to manage your inventory and supply chain, all in the cloud. Unleashed provides real-time information for...

TidyStock – Simple And Easy To Use Online Perpetual Inventory Control System

TidyStock is a simple and easy to use online perpetual inventory control system which manages stock movement accurately - from purchase, storage and final sale. TidyStock is simple, easy to use and reasonably priced. What can TidyStock do for me? TidyStock is a cloud...

DEAR Systems Allowing You To Make Informed Inventory Decisions

Businesses all around the world are reaping the benefits of DEAR Systems a revolutionary cloud based inventory system which is easy to use and highly affordable. At the heart of inventory decisions is profit. DEAR Systems helps businesses increase profits through...

5 Inventory Management Best Practices

Categorising inventory Good inventory management starts with a solid business understanding of inventory best practices and the relationship between this and day-to-day inventory operations. Step One is really knowing the types of inventory your business supplies. For...

What The Recent Vend Updates Mean For You

Vend, a retail POS system for businesses of all sizes, recently announced some exciting updates to its already great features. Read on to find out what we think of the changes and how they might affect the way you run your business. $AUD Pricing:  Customers are now...

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