We are always on the lookout for integrations and solutions which assist clients to reduce the amount of admin work whilst providing them with better information in their existing cloud-based software solutions.

For our Unleashed clients who also use Salesforce as their CRM solution and either Xero or Quickbooks Online as their accounting solution, they want to see invoice information from their accounting solution appearing against their accounts in Salesforce.

Having invoice information in Salesforce provides the business with a number of benefits, including allowing salespeople to monitor outstanding invoices easily when discussing with customers. It also allows for invoice information to be reported in Salesforce.

Our preferred solution is Breadwinner, which integrates with Unleashed as well as either Xero or Quickbooks Online.

The integration with Unleashed is reasonably straightforward. When the invoice is created in Xero from Unleashed, Breadwinner will become aware of those invoices and bring them back to Salesforce, so you have a replicated invoice in Salesforce that’s up to date. In addition, the integration can also work with bills and purchase orders in Xero.

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Unleashed is a powerful inventory management solution suitable for manufacturers, wholesalers and retailers. It allows businesses to have real-time visibility of accurate inventory information, including sales, purchases and manufacturing.

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