It started out as an after school and weekend job, but Tim knew that landscaping was the career for him. The fact that he enjoyed being outdoors and working with plants and outdoor features helped, but he also found that he was good at developing a rapport with his clients and he loved the fact that he was an independent businessman.

Tim’s place of business is his truck, and his best advertising comes when potential clients see it parked in front a beautifully tended estate. Most of his business contacts are people calling his mobile phone (the number is on the truck) or from his website.

Business has been so good that he is considering getting another truck or two and expanding. Things are going so well that Tim can see that he needs an office to keep track of things, but he is not interested in the expense and hassle of actually having an office. Besides, he is much happier getting out and doing the work than he would be sitting behind a desk.

If there was an office for Tim’s landscaping service, he would have a place to do his accounting, to keep track of his clients and their needs, and a better place to file his receipts and invoices than the glove box of his truck. Fortunately, Tim has found just such a place, and it does not restrict his independence (or his cash flow) the way a physical office would. That place is the Cloud. Now Tim is able to take care of the business part of his business with just a few taps on the screen of his smartphone or tablet.

Tim can quickly check his job schedule using job management software like simPRO Service on his tablet. He keeps track of the materials he is using so that he knows how much to charge his client and also when it is time to stock up. He and his staff can track the time spent on the job using his tablet so no more paper timesheets to complete. He keeps track of his expenses by simply taking a photo of the receipt and letting Receipt Bank take care of the data entry of what he buys at the different landscape supply stores. Between jobs he can quickly jump onto his tablet and reconcile payments received into his bank account. He is also able to take a credit card payment from his customer directly on his tablet.
His accountant is able to access Tim’s accounting system at any time which makes it much easier for both Tim and his accountant preparing his BAS and annual accounts. The accountant appreciates it because the records are not only accurate, they are much more readable than they would be on folded and faded scraps of paper.

Our Tradie Package is designed to adapt to any tradesman s business needs. After all, the reason you learned the trade in the first place was because you enjoyed the work, let the Cloud take care of the business.

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