The adaption of cloud technologies and applications for both small are large businesses is growing rapidly every year, and according to The Australian 2015 was the biggest year to date.

The reason for the cloud push is the tangible cost and performance benefits and 2016 is predicted to see further growth in the cloud market within Australia.

With the support of the Prime Minister Malcom Turnbull, the government is pushing an innovation package that promotes the growth and adoption of new technologies. With this push for innovation, The Australian has predicted five major trends for the cloud in 2016

IT networks and the internet of Things: The expansion and growth of the internet and data will mean that companies will be compelled to redesign their IT networks, creating more space and greater efficiency.

Multi-cloud growth continues: multi-cloud interconnection strategies will be adopted by more organisations due to the amazing cost advantages. Many organisations will also shift their critical applications to the cloud, to assist with efficiency which will in turn increase their cloud platforms.

Interconnected oriented architecture: businesses will continue to improve their application performance- shifting the fundamental IT delivery from centralised to interconnected and distributed.

Digital Commerce: new payment platforms will be available to consumers from businesses, with more payment options in more places. Allowing convenience and ease for both the consumer and the businesses themselves.

Cybersecurity is Critical: Cloud security will continue to be a concern, however 2016 will raise innovation within the industry. Businesses will increase their expectations which will in turn improve security benefits.