Xerocon Sydney 2014 kicks off this week, the biggest accounting technology conference in Australiasia and the team from Cloud Ease Consulting will be relocating to Sydney from Wednesday to Saturday.

As this is my 5th Xerocon here are my top tips for having an awesome Xerocon Sydney 2014

Spend time with the exhibitors

Always try to spend as much time with the various exhibitors as possible. With 80 exhibitors at Xerocon I use the Xerocon app to plan the main exhibitors which I want to see beforehand so that I also have time for networking and eating. If you have the whole team going then splitting up and going to see the various exhibitors makes it easier and will give you more time with them as well.


Xerocon always provides lots of opportunity to network and connect with Xero staff, accounting / bookkeeping partners and exhibitors. Make sure you bring plenty of business cards with you as well as Linkedin on your phone as some of the best connections I have made have come from going to Xerocon. Having a plan of particular people you want to connect with also makes it more effective. Following up with new connections post Xerocon is also planned into my diary for the week following.

Wear comfortable shoes

It has been mentioned quite a bit by Xero but I know from experience picking the wrong shoes does make the experience less enjoyable. Given the size of the venue and the amount of walking which will be involved over the 2 main days of Xerocon I am definitely going for comfortable shoes.

Have A Blast – Not Your Ordinary Accounting Conference

If this is your first time going to Xerocon or if you are new to Xero, leave your preconceptions at the door and be open to how Xero and the rest of the ecosystem can make your ¬†practice and your client’s business’ more effective and efficient. Having been to many accounting and bookkeeping conferences Xerocon is definitely not your ordinary accounting conference.

Just strap yourself in and enjoy the ride! Looking forward to catching up with you at Xerocon.