According to Information Age, cloud technology has reached a new level of maturity, and 82% of organisations consider the cloud to be a key part of their IT strategy.

Although the approach to the cloud is maturing along with the applications available, there are still two existing concerns that are deterring organisations from getting on the cloud train; these being security and integrations. There is no doubt as to why these are still major concerns, however they can be eliminated from the get go if there is an initial investment when setting up the cloud.

Concern One – Security

One of the first hurdles business face when moving their business system to the cloud is the issue of where is my data stored? and if I don t know where it is, how secure can it really be?

We agree with Information Age, which notes “most security challenges that organisations encounter in the cloud don t arise because the cloud is inherently insecure…but rather because they failed to make the necessary investments in a comprehensive cloud security strategy”.

The truth is, when your business is migrated to the cloud, your data can be and is likely to be anywhere around the world and the best way to enhance your security is to adapt a comprehensive security strategy. This will look different for every business, however this blueprint as outlined on  provides a great framework

  1. Take a Multilayered Approach
  2. Understand the New Threat Landscape
  3. Determine Where Your Business Is Vulnerable
  4. Focus on the Human Element
  5. Think of Security In Layers
  6. Make Security an Ongoing Process
  7. Build the Right Security Solution for Your Business

Concern Two – Integrations

When you add integration into the mix, which is what we do at Cloud Ease, we understand that security becomes multi dimensional as vulnerability in one application can have multipliers across the whole system.

However, by establishing a comprehensive security strategy as noted above, which takes into account the data being shared between applications as well as the data within one application, it ensures that all of your business information in the cloud is secure as it can be.

Integration and security go hand-in-hand. The type of integrations that are required to run your business systems needs to be considered carefully along with the security strategy.

At Cloud Ease, we help you map out what applications you need and also advise on any security issues. That means that your investment into the cloud needs to ensure that you have the correct overall strategy in place. Thinking about moving your business systems to the cloud? Get in touch today.